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thanks for visiting From 2011 to 2015, we aspired to be the #1 news source and directory for everything around startups an entrepreneurship in Austria and CEE. With the help of outstanding partners such as the Austrian Wirtschafts Service, Vienna Business Agency, AplusB, Speedinvest, Industriemagazin Verlag, we were able to create over 200 startup profiles, nearly 1000 news stories and over 200 of other insights. At the peak our content reached several thousands readers in a single day and our Facebook page had over 7 thousand likes. In 2014 we published the Ventures Almanach Austria - a nearly 200 pages long deep-dive into Austrian startup scene - with some of our best written profiles, over 20 opinion leaders and numerous lists from “most successful exits” to most important players in each industry with a circulation of over 10.000 copies. Rumour has it that the next edition of the Almanach will be published in 2017 by an even more powerful distributor.

We want to thank the Austrian and CEE startup ecosystem for joining and supporting us on this crazy rollercoaster ride. Even though the model that we applied to inventures did not proof to be sustainable, we take an incomprehensible amount of learning into our next projects. So stay tuned! :)

All the best,
Ondrej, Claudia and Matthias

P.S. if you are interested in the 5GB+ of pure content that we have produced, we are open to sales offers! Please understand that we don’t have the capacity to respond to requests regarding individual articles.

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