Jure Mikuž

Slovenia-based RSG Capital aims to support young businesses to establish themselves on the European market. Meet Jure Mikuz who is manager and partner at the VC and regularly holds lectures on investments an…

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The strength in a team


· 23 Oct 2014

Dow Jones veteran Kelly Leach combines the forces of Piano Media and Press+ to lead content creation to a new phase. We talked about the ch…


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How to Avoid Common Media Mistakes

21 Oct 2014

Last week we taught you some tips for interviews. Read on, as part two of our first-aid media kit, will show you how to avoid the common mi…



Xarion wins hardware competition


· 15 Oct 2014

Balthasar Fischer of the Vienna-based optical microphone developers Xarion Laser Acoustics talked about recent successes and future endeavours. …