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published 22 May 2015 by Eva Thalhammer 3 minutes 42 seconds to read

10 CEE music startups you won't get out of your head (even with ESC around the corner!)

In a few hours, the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest will kick off in Vienna. Reason enough for us to take a look at the European music startup scene, and present you 10 teams we definitely would give 12 points to. Check them out!

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These days, musicians and singers from Europe and beyond are competing at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. While the Austrian capital has made quite some efforts to support tolerance and musicality around the event (we’ve got same-sex traffic light figures and winning songs from the past years are resounding from the cities’ manholes, for example), there are a lot of people out there who made music their life and deal with it on a daily basis. We compiled a list of 10 startups form all over Europe that developed a business on music and may either help your own band get started or simply enhance your daily sound experience.


You want to make your own music but don’t know how to get started? Re-compose can help you out! The team has developed an intelligent music composition tool and production software called Liquid Notes that supports you in getting that song out of your head and down onto paper.

Wanna be a Rockstar? Viennese Global Rockstar is an online music platform for professional musicians. Unsigned musicians from around the globe can submit their own videos and compete with others for fan votes. The winner can take home a prize of up to 25,000 dollars. You’ve already shot your first video? Then what are you waiting for?

While some see music as the language of love, Moosify took this concept one step further and made it their business model. Based on your preferences and the streaming service Spotify, the Austrian startup developed a tool that suggests places to meet people listening to your favourite bands and artists. So, go out there – new friendships or even a perfect match might be waiting just around the corner.



The Bulgarian-born startup allows you to project music videos and more onto a TV with just your phone.

While Bulgarian Flipps (formerly iMediaShare, read more here) started off as a video solution that connects videos from your mobile phone to a TV near you, they partnered up with Rhapsody, the owner of Napster, and are now streaming music related videos, interviews and live performances. So, you can watch your music videos on different mobile or static devices, no matter where you are

If you want to learn a new language but are fed up with boring evening classes, Hint or Two could be a service for you. The Sofia-based team supports you in practising your language skills through providing lyrics translations of your favourite songs in your desired language. Moreover, you can choose films, books or series to improve your listening and reading skills.

Czech Republic

You want to find the perfect tune for a perfect moment? Snippit is a music app and helps you to link the soundtrack of your life to special moments. The Prague-based service allows you to make a photo, add music and share it directly on your social media channels.


If your favourite bar keeps playing the same music over and over again, it might be ready for Mixgar. The Hungarian team came up with the idea for a jukebox service for bars, hotels or restaurants and provide a music stream for a monthly fee. Moreover, as a guest you can select and vote for songs you want to hear next. Got some ‘Whiskey in the Jar’?


You want to go for a run – you got your shoes, your clothes, your mp3 player - but damnit! Your high-speed tunes are saved on your mobile phone only! Sounds familiar? Then Style Jukebox is your fit. The service provides a platform for saving music and enables you to access your favourite songs from different devices.


Thapir connects you to a music event near you. Simply type in your city in their mobile app and receive suggestions for concerts, live music, DJ sessions and many more. You’ll never miss a band in your town and can explore new venues when on the road.



With GigMngr, event managers can quickly find the best match artist, and vice versa.

You were able to count the audience of your last gig on one hand? Then bring in more people to your next concert with Ukrainian startup GigMngr. The team developed an online platform where musicians can promote their performances, and event managers can easily find the most suitable DJ, rock band or dance group for their area.