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published 9 Jun 2014 by Eva Thalhammer in Serbia 3 minutes 32 seconds to read

11 CEE startups for you and your pet

Our selection of services for our fury friends

Pet Pets Tractive Peterest Petalbum Lulu Petcarebridge United Cats and Dogs Farmia Petsmos VetCloud Pet Frendli Srbija Petcube

Let’s face it: pets are the better friends. They can be comforters, psychologists, playmates or simply make us happier when welcoming us home after a long day. They play an important role in many people’s lives, are the stars of leisure time anecdotes and even the Internet cannot be imagined without cats, dogs and other fury companions anymore. This is why the following 11 CEE startups are committed to animal lovers and created services especially for you and your pet.

Tractive wants no more “lost pet” signs in the neighbourhood and developed a mobile gadget to track them. The small GPS device was developed to attach to a pet’s collar and displays their position on a mobile app. Tractive is also responsible for the platform Peterest, a mobile service including a photo gallery that aims to connect pet owners.

The Sofia-based startup
takes care of your pet’s health online. Their service includes an pet identification through a QR code that can be put on the animals collar, for example, a healthcare alert and provides offers for pet hotels and veterinary clinics.

is a startup from Pula and provides an online platform to show your pets at their best. From hamsters in pullovers to fish in a pond, lizards or snakes – photos of animals can be found and shared with their service. Features such as commenting and liking make a social experience.

Owning a pet, of course, has its unpleasant sides too. To make cleaning up after your animals a little bit easier the Estonian startup Lulu decided to create a disposable cat toilet. The box is made of degradable cardboard and includes a special kind of litter that keeps your cat as well as your room clean.

How do we know if an animal is hurt or doesn’t feel well? Since pets cannot talk, Tallin-based Petcarebridge is a virtual veterinarian that monitors their health. After logging in your animals details, a health summary is created that will keep the owner up to date with specific risks. Petcarebridge keeps track of your pets’ health issues and reminds you when you have to take actions and visit a doctor, for example.

The Estonian startup United Cats and Dogs is especially for canine and feline friends. The platform connects Cats-lovers and Dogs-lovers by providing a service for blogging, creating profiles and sharing pet experiences online.

Belgrade-based Farmia might not be the regular pet app, but still is all about animals. The trade service aims at supporting livestock exchange and gives farmers the possibility to offer animals online. This makes it easy for buyers to find, compare and purchase what they need. Moreover, veterinary checks or transports can be organised at Farmia.

Most pet owners want to remember every moment with their darlings. Romanian Petsmos can make this happen and allows you to create an online photo album of your little companion. You can capture and share special events, important experiences and funny moments. Petmos aims to provide a service that depicts the uniqueness of each animal by capturing their personality in photos and stories.

No dogs allowed in a hotel? Pet Frendli Srbija helps owners to find places where their little friends can stay with them on holidays. Users can check out hotels or camp sites from different countries on the service’s interactive map. No more kennels for your dog when you are abroad.

Serbian VetCloud is a platform to make sure your fluffy fellows stay healthy. The service aims to provide an online history of their animal patients on order to make it easier for veterinarians to analyse and treat them. The idea includes a big-data approach that allows identifying shifts and peculiarities in an animal’s health cycle.

On the sidelines of CEE there is a Ukrainian startup for petcare. Petcube is a square technological device that allows users to interact with their pet even when they are not in the room. The cube is WIFI connected and contains a microphone, speakers and even a laser pointer to play with your little friend. Users can control the Petcube with their smartphones and are able to keep an eye on their pets also when they are not with them.