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published 7 Aug 2014 by Eva Thalhammer in Austria 1 minute 32 seconds to read

Austrian media experts invest in Content Garden

Michael and Gabriel Grabner connect advertising startup to Germany.

Content Marketing MGM

MGM is a leading media business based in Vienna and just invested in the Austrian Startup Content Garden. Michael Grabner purchased a ten per cent share of the startup, but the amount of the investment remains undisclosed.

“We were not looking for big investment rounds but we’ve known Michael Grabner for a long time [...] it was more about the personal cooperation,” cofounder and CEO Lucas Schärf explained. Content Garden will spend the freshly secured capital to further develop their product, grow their team and reach out to Switzerland and Germany.

New connections to professional networks

„The team of Content Garden proved their expertise in the past year. I am convinced that their valuable advertising is a suitable way to reach target groups in our digital media landscape,” Michael Grabner, media entrepreneur and member of supervisory board of Holtzbrinck (Handelsblatt, Die Zeit, Berliner Tagesspiegel) explained. The support from MGM will include access to their network in Germany.

“He is a great partner and his connections were a main reason for us to cooperate,” Schärf said. Michael Grabner and his son Gabriel take care of several projects in Austria, among them,, also founded by Lucas Schärf, or FromAustria, a startup founded by Michael Grabner’s daughter Zissa which inventures has recently paid a visit (read more here).

Together with Sonny Damiri, Schärf established Content Garden in 2013 as the first Austrian marketing agency for conception, planning and realisaton of Content Driven Advertising (CDA). Their services offer solutions for online media that never urges the readers to leave the news site. While editorial content is strictly detached from promotional, the startup provides advertisements matching the topics of a site. Their customers are mainly from Austria and Germany who use Content Garden products for premium portals.