Winter Events 2015


· 12 Jan 2015

January brought blizzards but that isn’t an excuse for overusing the couch, especially for startup founders. Here are the events you sh…


Santa’s coming to town


· 22 Dec 2014

Santa is a busy guy, so he lets VCs, angels and investors help him in rewarding startups’ work. Here are the biggest investments and ex…

The Piano Man


· 8 Dec 2014

An accomplished guitarist, who has toured with Robbie Williams, Mario Aiwasian probably did not expect that he would make history with a …

The accidental angel


· 27 Nov 2014

While some go wild on cars and gadgets after an exit, Adrian Gheara put it all in other projects. The Romanian business angel tells how he…


Crowdsourcing Romance


· 16 Oct 2014

Let it never be said, that romance is dead… If Kaiser Chiefs hadn’t come up with that already, Zsolt Maslanyi of Funspotter probably wo…


On the startup merry-go-round


· 27 Sep 2014

Bootstrapping for over a year while investors wait for more traction sounds like a nightmare, but try doing it from Kosovo. Meet Valon So…

Living the dream


· 28 Aug 2014

Stanimir Milev is not only CEO of Chase a Cloud but also one of the engines behind the Bulgarian StartUP Foundation. Read more about the ma…