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published 5 Jul 2014 in Hungary 2 minutes 16 seconds to read


At Brewie everything revolves around the amber nectar. The Hungarian startup brings the pub into the living room and offers a tech device that enables you to create your very own home brew. This weeks’ Startup Pick gives you insights into Brewie's philosophy and introduces the team of beer lovers.

brewery hardware

Our one-line pitch is...
Brewie is a fully automated personal brewery that gives unlimited quality beer to everyone.

Introduce your team, and tell us one interesting thing about each member. We are...
We are a team of five people. We come with different backgrounds and a shared passion for beer.
There is Andrew the inventor of the idea. He has a crazy mind for everything that runs on electricity. He came up with the initial idea of making beer brewing automatic.
Then there is Greg who is a real Macgyver. Just try and tell him to make something. He will make it, i bet you a beer.
We have then Attila who has amazing drawing skills. He made the beautiful logo of Brewie. Zsolt is our incredibly precise product designer. He and Attila made the magical design of Brewie.
And last but not least myself, Marcel. With my background in business I'm the one responsible to ensure that everyone will get his/her own Brewie as soon as possible.

We received our initial capital through...
We didn't accept any investments yet as we believe it is still early.

 The real pain about starting a business in Hungary is...
The tax and administration system. It is a real pain and not only for us.

The person that inspires us is...
I can't really say there is one person that inspires us all. Actually I believe it's not even good if the team's motivation depends on one person. At Brewie the commitment of the team as a whole inspires us.

The one app/service that we couldn’t live without is...
If we consider beer as a service than beer it is.

The one thing we would save from our burning office is...
That probably would be the beer.

The worst piece of advice we ever got was...
Well that's hard to say. We received many different advices from friends, mentors, jury members. I think there was no real bad advice so far.

The one thing that will make us quit is...
There is no such thing.

Our inside joke is...
Well I don't think there is enough space here to write down all of them but the latest one is: Hova?! De fáj! (It's Hungarian, but even Hungarians won't understand)


You might not believe it, but we...
We built the tallest water pipe at age 16. 

We'll call ourselves successful when...
When we receive the first beer from a satisfied customer that he/she made with Brewie.

The startup we really want to see on inventures’ Startup Pick is...
I really admire the work they put into their project, and would be glad to see them here.

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