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published 21 Jun 2014 in Slovakia 2 minutes 10 seconds to read

Cloud Fender

Cloud Fender created a service for people with their heads in the clouds. It helps you keep track of your cloud data and provides security for your storage activities. Meet the team, get to know the person who inspires them and learn about the one service they couldn’t live without.

Cloud Fender Slovak startup Datamolino Startup Pick

Our one-line pitch is...
With data moving to cloud storages it becomes hard to protect it and keep track of who has access to it – Cloud Fender keeps your clouds secure and your privacy protected.

Introduce your team, and tell us one interesting thing about each member. We are...
A team of 5: Ondrej, Juraj, Matej, Tom, and Tomas. We got together thanks to the Spot in Bratislava. These guys connected us and are helping us grow and validate our idea. Ondrej is our CEO and this is his second venture after starting a successful UX agency. Juraj, our CTO was CTO of prior to co-foundning Cloud Fender. Matej is our business development genius and with his extensive connections to Silicon Valley opens doors to boost our growth. Tom is the youngest member of our team and takes care of our front-end development. Tomas is Juraj's right hand in developing our product.

We received our initial capital through...
We are currently bootstrapped and are using the money to develop our MVP and achieve product market fit.

The real pain about starting a business in Slovakia is...
The starting side is fairly simple, the keeping up with legal changes side, not so much. But nothing that a good accountant and lawyer can't solve.

The person that inspires us is...
Nikolas Tesla
, for being the greatest geek that ever lived.

The one app/service that we couldn’t live without is...
Slack - it keeps us all in sync and minimizes the need to disturb each other. It is also a great place to post jokes and stupid links.

The one thing we would save from our burning office is...
The coffee machine. Nothing is achieved without this little beauty of engineering.

The worst piece of advice we ever got was...
Can't think of any, although we are getting a lot of advice, which might be equally as dangerous as getting bad advice.

The one thing that will make us quit is...
No coffee! But in all seriousness we will only quit if we realise we cannot bring value to our customers.

Our inside joke is...
Fake it till you make it. This little phrase has gotten us places!

You might not believe it, but we...
We participated in an MIT accelerator program only after a month of existence.

We'll call ourselves successful when...
When people will regain control over their data in the cloud.

The startup we really want to see on inventures’ Startup Pick is...
, the easiest way to turn your paper invoices to digital ones.

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