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published 20 Jan 2015 in Austria 1 minute 54 seconds to read

Commod House

Do you want to live more ecofriendly? Austrian Commod House developed a recycled house made of shipping containers. Meet the architecture and design team in our Startup Pick.

AplusB Science Park Graz

About us. 

Our one-line pitch is...
We sell pre fabricated ecologically modular houses based on freight container steal frames in low energy standard.

The core of our team...
DI Michaela Maresch, BSc Architect and CEO; DI Gerald Brencic, Architect and CEO

Our office in looks like...
Our office is our first modular house. It's made of four reused shipping containers and insulated inside with ecologically and reusable healthy materials. Our showroom is placed in Graz near the shopping center City Park.

The person that inspires us most...
Shigeru Ban - famous architect who often uses shipping containers for his projects, but in a light and aesthetic way. Le Corbusier - one of the first architects who built standardised construction systems (Dom-Ino) for modular frame buldings.

About our journey so far.

Before we started we were...
We both worked for the same architecture office, LOVE architecture in Graz, where we met and decided to grow our own business together. We both studied at the University of Technology in Graz, Michaela additionally studied at the Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences, Constructional engineering and management.

We received our initial capital through...
Our first capital came from our production partners who built the prototype (100,000 euros) and we got the aws impulse xs funding for 45,000 euros.

Our most difficult time so far was...
To sell the first house. Right now the first house is in production and will be ready in March.

About little steps and big dreams.

Our next target is...
We are right now starting a crowdfunding campaign where people can become investors from 250 - 10,000 euros. Join us

If you say investment we say...
Invest in our company and become part of our success!

The one thing, we couldn't go on without is...
The only thing we need is our own photovoltaic system including our in-house battery, that keeps our laptos and coffe machine running for self-sufficient and green working!

Our current development state is...

In five years we want to be...
We want to expand our business in Europe, in ten years we also want to touch ground on the North American market. We already got contacts to a potential business partners in Canada.

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