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published 27 Aug 2014 by Evelina Karakusheva in Croatia 1 minute 14 seconds to read

Croatian startup joins Techstars

Codeanywhere, a Croatian startup which is developing tools for programming in the cloud, joined the Techstars family as part of the fall 2014 Boston batch.

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The company, officially founded by Vedran Jukic and Ivan Burazin in May 2013, is a cloud based code editor, development and collaboration platform.

For those less familiar, Codeanywhere is slowly becoming the equivalent of Google Docs, but for developers. It offers the possibility of developing web sites and applications as well as other desktop tools. It gives its users the freedom to work from anywhere, any computer, tablet or mobile phone with data being synchronised across all platforms. Further, Codeanywhere enables users to collaborate with one another, share files through the system and work together on documents. The startup also provides the opportunity to set up development environments in seconds.

Collaboration in the cloud

“Codeanywhere wants to be much more than just a place people come to code, we want to be the place for all code, but more on that very soon,“ Ivan Burazin, CEO of Codeanywhere and founder of Shift Conference, explained.

The Croatian startup is a freemium business, has eight employees and with their revenues growing by 100 per cent a month they are planning to be cash flow positive by the end of the year. Currently the team is working on new collaboration features, enabling people to work together on the same file at the same time.

Looking into the future of Codeanywhere, Burazin admits that there is always more to improve, “but right now we are really trying to improve the overall experience of Codeanywhere, so it really does become the desktop replacement code editor.”