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published 30 Mar 2013 in Austria 2 minutes 46 seconds to read

Get to know the rising stars of the startup scene, their motivations for starting a business, the ups and downs, their inside jokes and not less importantly, the one thing they would grab should their office happen to burn down. Today: offer their spin on the dating market.

Startup Pick introduction Austrian startup

 Our one-line pitch is... is a dating website that you can use for one minute a day to get real dates instead of online chats. 

Introduce your team. We are... Daniel, Lukas, Verena, and Stefan. 

Daniel is the technical brains of the operation. He is a developer through and through with about 15 years of experience. He built the whole system from scratch. 

Lukas can be called a serial entrepreneur with a background in business law and marketing. is his third company and he is mainly focused on marketing. He is also responsible for fundraising and is currently talking to different investors. 

Verena is our sales and PR superstar. She has a Ph.D. in law and a Masters in business administration. About a year and a half ago she started her first company together with Lukas. She handles our cooperations and PR. 

Stefan supports us with administrative work and controlling. He is our numbers guy and makes sure we stay on track and within budget. 

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We received our initial capital through...
We have provided all the funding to develop to this point. We are currently closing our first seed investment and are looking for additional funding within the next months. 

Our boldest move was... 
To start a dating website when there are already about five thousand on the market. We strongly believe that now is the time for a dating service that is easier to use and focuses on getting people to meet face to face, instead of chatting online. The feedback we are getting from our beta users is very encouraging. 

The real pain about starting a business in Austria is...
Well, the bureaucracy in Austria is a pain to deal with. From setting up the company to tax and insurance law, there are many little things that make us think about leaving the country. We all love Vienna, but it is not the ideal city to start a business in. 

The one thing we would save from our burning office is...
Definitely our poster of a chimpanzee with headphones! If we can't reach that, probably our laptops. 


The worst piece of advice we ever got was...
To start investing in marketing and PR before the product was at the point it needed to be. Fortunately, we corrected the mistake very quickly. Thanks for the bad advice, you know who you are! But we still love you ;) 

We'll give up when...
We have tried everything we could to make successful but did not succeed. We are glad that everything is going very well so far. We have lots of new sign-ups every day, we are constantly improving the product and we will get some good funding soon. We are very happy with the progress we are making. 

You might not believe it, but we...
We received investment offers from the very first three people we talked to about the idea. We had to turn them down because it was too early, but it was good encouragement.

We'll call ourselves successful when...
We have set a few goals for ourselves and we are working very hard to achieve them. One of the goals is to arrange over 100,000 dates in one month. 


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