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published 6 Jun 2014 by Eva Thalhammer in Croatia 1 minute 38 seconds to read

E-GLAS crowdfunding for electronic assistant

Croatian startup raises two thirds of target sum in first days

Serwantess Servus E-Glas indigogo Miroslav Vrankic Croatian startup crowdfunding

Croatian E-GLAS launched a campaign on the crowdfunding platform indiegogo. The startup’s product is Serwantess, a voice-controlled assistant that targets people with special needs and aims at making them more independent. The donation period started on 1 June and will be open until 1 July (contribute here). Soon after the launch on indiegogo the startup has collected more than two thirds of their target sum already.

With the help of an electronic device, users of Serwantess (formerly known as Servus), can literally talk to their home and instruct it to put on the lights, open the doors, turn of the radio or log on the internet. To be able to provide this rather costly service for people who really need it the startup wants to raise money through crowdfunding. “[T]his project was started to help the community, but in order to succeed it also needs help from the community,” E-GLAS CEO Miroslav Vrankic explained to So, for every 3.000 dollars raised another Serwantess system will be made available to one person who requires assistance. “Our minimal goal is to raise 3.000 dollars in 30 days but we hope to surpass that amount,” Vrankic explained his goal modestly. After only six days on indiegogo, Serwantess has almost reached this target and raised 2.297 dollars [as of 06.06.].

The multi-language service device

E-GLAS’ Serwantess-service includes a gadget which processes your voice commands and is able to talk with you in English, German, Italian, Dutch, Croatian and Slovenian. The device is compact, connects mostly to existing wires and comes without additional cables or holes in the wall. Before installation, certain commands can be customised in order to meet different needs of the users.

Founded in 2009, their business model is based on a monthly fee which makes the voice controlled system more affordable. “The subscription model lowers the entry barrier for our users, and ensures a more stable revenue stream,” Vrankic said. Currently, the team consists of six people and has installed Serwantess in 30 Croatian homes.