Crowdfund your homebrew

19 Feb 2015

With starting a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, Hungarian Brewie not only got their idea validated but also raised twice as much money as…

Hi-Yo hirob! Away!

12 Feb 2015

Sports enthusiasts since they were kids, Michael and Alexander Barth mixed their passions and expertise by applying high-tech industrial au…


Getting positive results

5 Feb 2015

iVote’s corporate motto: “Results Now!” refers not only to the election-management system's promise of transparency and efficiency, bu…

Patient information 2.0

26 Jan 2015

Johannes Allesch, the 29-year-old founder and CEO of AniMedical, an animation studio focusing on medical content, has set out to modernise pa…



The bigger picture

15 Jan 2015

Austrian venture Laserdata specialises in extracting valuable information from complex laser-scanning data, e.g. the potential for solar energ…




"We have to think bigger"

18 Dec 2014

Austrian Christian Plaichner, sold his cutting-edge Big Data venture in 2009 and moved with it to the Bay Area. Since then, he mentors yo…

Time is Money

11 Dec 2014

In 2012, Josef Seibl and Prof. Helmut Mayer cofounded evSOLve OG, offering simple software solutions to help companies deliver more quickly, sa…



The Piano Man

8 Dec 2014

An accomplished guitarist, who has toured with Robbie Williams, Mario Aiwasian probably did not expect that he would make history with a …

A band-aid for your credit card

4 Dec 2014

Could a simple sticker keep your money safe? The team behind SkimProt says yes – because their solution is only simple to the eye. Read th…