The accidental angel

27 Nov 2014

While some go wild on cars and gadgets after an exit, Adrian Gheara put it all in other projects. The Romanian business angel tells how he…

The denim revolution

25 Nov 2014

Christian Schimper from Vorarlberg, Austria, made his master’s thesis into the startup Acticell. His product could be the jeans industry’s ne…

A new beginning

20 Nov 2014

Five years after founding eRepublik Labs Limited, George Lemnaru resigned from his executive role in the company. With Green Horse Games he…

A business in the sun

13 Nov 2014

Recognising the global importance of alternative energy, Vienna-trained engineers Hartmut Schneider and Denis Miklau of Fresnex have developed a …




Stand up for Startups

6 Nov 2014

Croatian Aleks Curac Saric has been a professional stand-up comedian for the last eight years. Outside of the comedy clubs, he applies hi…

Let your ears do the reading

29 Oct 2014

Ivan Ičin’s one-man company is trying to change the way we read and listen. It seems to be working - his app Share to Speech has reached to…


Web Summit Pick: Sofasession

28 Oct 2014

Sofasession brings together musicians and allows them to collaborate online. Meet the Austrian team and learn about their goals for the We…

Web Summit Pick: Parkbob

23 Oct 2014

No matter where you are driving, when you arrive you always spent too much time finding a parking space. Sounds familiar? Then check out th…

The strength in a team

23 Oct 2014

Dow Jones veteran Kelly Leach combines the forces of Piano Media and Press+ to lead content creation to a new phase. We talked about the ch…

Web Summit Pick: Conda

21 Oct 2014

The Austrian crowdinvesting-platform Conda connects young entrepreneurs to open minded investors on the search for promising products. Be…

Web Summit Pick: Rublys

16 Oct 2014

Scratch-it and get your goodies. The team of rublys came up with an idea for mobile maketing and developed an app that lets you play scratch ca…


Crowdsourcing Romance

16 Oct 2014

Let it never be said, that romance is dead… If Kaiser Chiefs hadn’t come up with that already, Zsolt Maslanyi of Funspotter probably wo…

Web Summit Pick: JMC

14 Oct 2014

JMC Gmbh is one of the startups that will be part of Web Summit in Dublin. Meet the team of the communication agency and learn about their ex…