Web Summit Pick: Adefy

9 Oct 2014

Vienna based startup Adefy aims to make mobile advertising faster, smaller and an easy task. Meet the team and find out more about their ex…

Web Summit Pick: Visalyze

7 Oct 2014

The team of Visalyze came up with an idea for making big data on social networks more tangible and more useful. Get to know more about th…


Battling the Google Goliath

4 Oct 2014

At a time when "googling" has become a reflex and an official verb, the Kosovar startup working on a new search engine for the Albanian la…

Web Summit Pick: Sclable

2 Oct 2014

Vienna-based Sclable Business Solutions Gmbh made it their goal to provide custom-made solutions for business applications. Meet the team an…

Web Summit Pick: Keyper

30 Sep 2014

Meet the Austrian team of Keyper who created a mobile ticket tool. Their service will help you to keep track of the events you are visiting an…


On the startup merry-go-round

27 Sep 2014

Bootstrapping for over a year while investors wait for more traction sounds like a nightmare, but try doing it from Kosovo. Meet Valon So…

Web Summit Pick: Lingohub

25 Sep 2014

Lingohub is one of 13 Austrian teams who will join Web Summit in Dublin. Learn more about the team's expectations and their software for tr…

Shopping Kosher made easy

20 Sep 2014

Have you ever found yourself endlessly digging through products to find the ones that fit your ‪dietary‬ restrictions? That’s why Ko…



Robert Hegedüs

19 Sep 2014

Robert Hegedüs was born in Hungary, came to Vienna to study, travelled the world and is now managing partner at Fiedler Capital. Meet th…