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published 6 Mar 2014 by Sebastian Höfinger in United States, Czech Republic 1 minute 21 seconds to read

GoodData announces Open Analytics Platform

Originally Czech, GoodData shares news from SF headquarters

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The Czech cloud-based business intelligence provider GoodData has proven to be a good one in recent years. So far, it has been able to seize millions of dollars of venture capital, managed to enlarge its client stock and expanded in new markets such as Latin America, previously reported here. Today, we take a quick look at the company, as it just announced its open analytics platform to be fully operational.

GoodData, founded in 2007 and currently based in San Francisco, has opened access to the tool that was already usable as a demo version on their website. With this, the company wants to be on the cutting edge of modern business intelligence analytics.

The goal: to use all data there is in a company to its advantage. “Advanced analytics are the biggest advantage companies have in today’s market, but most use just ten percent of the data available to them,” said GoodData CEO and founder Roman Stanek in a press release. “To get a true competitive advantage from analytics, businesses need to use all the data available to them and become the all data enterprises.”

The open analytics platform consists of five main components: collecting, storing, combining, analysing and visualising data, taking the often so complicated and cost-intensive data business one step closer to the comfort zone. And apparently, it seems to be working, as today, GoodData has over 130,000 users worldwide. 

Earlier this year, GoodData announced a partnership with Prague-based accelerator Startup Yard, with the aim to provide participating startup teams with access to its data intelligence platform.

We're looking forward to more and more similar success stories from CEE!