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published 24 Mar 2015 by Mina Nacheva 2 minutes 24 seconds to read

How to find your pace on Social Media: part2

Last week we talked about Social Media planning and frequency of postings. So this week, it's time to look at the right choice of Social Media channels. Find Tagespresse founder Fritz Jergitsch's advice here.

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Last week, we tried to find an answer to the questions 'How to find the right strategy on Social Media' and 'How to find the right posting frequency'. Not an easy one but Fritz Jergitsch, founder of Die Tagespresse - one of Austria's biggest Social Media phenomenons - and other international experts shared their experience on the topic. For all who have missed their exclusive advice, the article can be found here.

But watch out: no perfectly worked out content plan can help you find your own pace on Social Media if you did not chose the right Social Media channels for your purposes. So let's have a closer look on how to ...

Choose your social channels wisely

As a starting point, we want to look at the results of Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report (see all report details here). In this report, Facebook is ranked as the main source of social referrals, followed by Pinterest and Twitter, however with much lower growth rates.

For Fritz Jergitsch, things look similarly: with more than 80% of traffic coming through Facebook, the social network has proven key to the growth of Die Tagespresse’s social media presence. For him, Twitter, on the other hand, “is irrelevant and only used to stay in touch with journalists,” Jergitsch added.  

But as we know already: the use of different social media channels varies on a case-by-case basis. While for Jergitsch Twitter is more of a tool to communicate with journalists, for startups that rely more on sharing visuals, the micro-blogging network could be an important source of referral traffic. According to research by Twitter itself, tweets that include a link to a photo are 35% more likely to trigger retweets than such that don’t, followed by tweets that contain a link to a video (28%).

On social media, your brand isn’t everything

Working on Die Tagespresse for almost two years now, Jergitsch has learned that people would often ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your brand, if they relate to it. However, an association with the brand itself is not enough to get people to engage with it.

“[People] only react to your posted content if it is somehow entertaining or engaging, no matter how much they love your brand,” Jergitsch said. “Consumer brands such as Coca Cola use it to create an emotional bond between their product and their fans. Consultancies or financial institutions recruit people. Media sites attract new readers or viewers.”

At the end of the day, it’s about getting your message across and pulling people in. Jergitsch’s advice: “Think how you could use your social presence to benefit your business.” And inventure's personal addtion to it: don't be afraid to find your own way - even it might take more than one attempt until you totally 'nail it'.


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