published 29 Sep 2014 by Claudia Kaefer 1 minute 12 seconds to read

Indigenous Startup Cultures

inventures cofounder Claudia introduces our new series about company cultures, based on a template that was used for analysing native tribes in the South Pacific. Learn more about the series here.

After two years of inventures with more than 1,200 publications during that time, we have seen many companies come and go. While we saw appealing ventures with appealing working environments, others seemed impossible for us to work at. So, we have had heated debates after editors returned from interviews and shared their impressions about the protagonists, their visions and how they acted.

Freshly founded companies have to develop their own rites, symbols and ceremonies."

But regardless of our personal working style preferences, all of those we encountered had a distinct corporate culture. Some of them like to hug a lot, some have a mutual agreement to go to work by bike only and again, others are even going on vacation together. Having seen all those models of how to build a company, we began to pick out the cherries for inventures ourselves.
Since sometimes entering their premises felt like entering a completely different world, we felt we should also make those worlds accessible to our readers.

In order to do so, we worked with a template initially used for analysing native tribes in the South Pacific – hence we assume that the freshly founded companies we meet have had to develop their own rites, symbols and ceremonies. This format does not have the intention to judge or evaluate but rather to give insights into different company cultures so  other entrepreneurs can also get inspired.

So, let us inspire you and enjoy!



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