Investments in Serbian startups lagging behind Croatia and Slovenia

published 1 Apr - 12:04 by Marija Gavrilov in Serbia

News portal Netokracija recently published a research on the amount of investments put into Serbian startups in 2014. The figures they presented were discouraging, as they've shown that tech startups have accumulated the total of € 4.300.000, lagging behind Croatia (€ 21.156.023) and Slovenia (€ 60.855.500). The research was put into perspective in a commentary article, and there are certain points to be analyzed deeper in order to get a complete picture.

If term Serbian startup stands for startups registered (and paying taxes) in Serbia, the amount is much lower - 1.3 million euros. This sum came solely from Innovation Fund, while investments Bulgarian Eleven made adds another € 200.000. Registered investments from private funds and individuals are zero.

However, if Serbian startup is defined by having at least one co-founder from Serbia, the amount goes up to 6 million euros. The highest investment in this category was 1.9 million euros for Mainframe2, a company registered in the U.S.  

Startups with development teams located in Serbia have taken around € 10 million in 2014. A good example of such startup is Humanity, originally from San Francisco, that got $ 3.2 million in the fall last year.  

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