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published 16 Jul 2014 by Eva Thalhammer in Hungary 1 minute 55 seconds to read

Kitchen Budapest presents its new batch of four

The Hungarian media lab accompanies teams through half a year of teamwork and provides knowhow as well as access to a professional network.

While Kitchen Budapest doesn’t have a cook nor offers food, it aims to provide all the ingredients for a proper startup menu. The Hungarian media lab accompanies teams through half a year of teamwork and provides knowhow as well as access to a professional network.

“We have a methodology developed in Kitchen Budapest based on existing and well distributed methods such as lean, ethnographic approach of users, etc. Using this methodology helps us to provide our talent teams with better understanding of users, markets, products and distribution,” Attila Nemes, lead of the programme, explained.

The talent program focuses on idea development and aims to support young enthusiasts in product and service design. Recently, they announced their new batch of four, who are taking part in the second cycle of 2014.

Did you ever have one of those moments that you wish would last forever? Of course, photographs can help you capture such occasions but MobilPrizma aims to go beyond flat pictures on a screen or piece of paper. They want to make an app and a prism system that helps creating a multi-perspective 3D picture. The “wiggle gif” will help to freeze time and make moments never end.

The next half year will be all brainwaves and sensor experiments for the team of Youniverse. They are especially interested in human social interaction as well as bio-art and aim to develop hardware and software for brainwave sensors. Moreover, they will put effort in research for possible applications for commercially available mind sensors in their special fields.

AI Gamers
The next team believes in playful leaning and aims to develop an online interface where the efficiency of different Artificial intelligence programmes can be tested. Being dedicated developers themselves, they want their platform to become a fun experience where everyone can learn and improve coding of AI.
Road safety seems one of the key topics of today’s society and cannot get too much attention. Therefore, the team of decided to focus on assistance for bikers and car drivers to help prevent accidents. Their proximity radar application shall detect obstacles and warn drivers about traffic hazards.

Founded in 2007, Kitchen Budapest is a medialab and is sponsored by Magyar telekom. Every six months the talent programme chooses 3-5 teams, helping them to develop ideas into prototypes.



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