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Malin-Iulian Stefanescu

Malin-Iulian Stefanescu is an entrepreneur and supports the vibrant Romanian startup community as Angel Investor and mentor. Learn more about his investment focus and his current teams in our Investor Pick.

About me.

I earned my first money with...
After graduation, I started by working for IBM.

If I wouldn't be an investor I would be...
Besides being an Angel Investor, I am CEO of my own company EEU Software that focuses on java development, performance testing as well as R&D. I enjoy being on both sides of the entrepreneurial roller coaster and I am happy sharing my own experiences as a mentor.

I get annoyed when...
I don't get annoyed. Ever.

My favourite movie is...
I enjoy watching the Star Wars movies along with my sons.

About passion and profession.

My investment fund is focused on startups in...
I am mostly interested in tech companies, based on software (no hardware) and I am currently involved in startups such as Romanian Green Horse Games and SmartDreamers.

I wouldn’t like to work anywhere else because...
being an Angel Investor and company founder - I do exactly what I like to do.

The investment plan for the next years is...
I plan to support about two or three startups per year.

Our business relationship with startups is characterised by...
Openness and generally a friendly relationship with the teams.

About working with startups.

Besides money I offer...
everything I know and can do. I support teams with my experience and also get them connected with the right people of my business network.

In a startup I am looking for...
A good team, a promising product, and a scaleable business - in this order.

Characteristics a founder team should have are...
They should be knowledgeable, strong, determined and enthusiastic. Moreover, I think that a startup is not a one-person gig. There should be at least two or three members in a founder team.

You get most out of relationship with me when...
you communicate. I like to see enthusiasm in a team and as an entrerpeneur you have to really believe and invest in what you are doing.


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