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Did you ever get annoyed about a pair of shoes that fit perfectly when you tried them on but made your feet hurt after just one day of wearing? Well, worry no more. Hungarian Pikkpack offers you the chance to model shoes yourself and allows you to adjust the footwear to your size. Moreover, their product aims to be environmentally responsible by using less material and helps you save shipping costs. Meet the team, learn about the one person that inspires them and their most precious office equipment in this week’s Startup Pick.

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Our one-line pitch is...
Pikkpack is high quality footwear that promotes the use of less material and also gives the customer the joy of DIY by involving him/her in the footwear creation process

Introduce your team, and tell us one interesting thing about each member. We are...
Sara:" I am the designer of Pikkpack and I'm  in charge of all the design and craft aspects of the shoes. I  look after the logistics of the production, and working day in and day full time.  I’m really keen on sustainable design and as a designer I truly believe that we have a significant role in shaping the future. By implementing the concept of origami, foldability and modularity into design, I have found various solutions that would serve sustainable product design. "

Andras: "I'm the CEO of Pikkpack but I work full time as a data analyst. I’ve been able to adopt to different industries throught out my professional carrier: health, media, banking, technology. I managed to hack sociology (what I studied in unversity) to help me understand the users in depth and give me an adventage over data guys with and engineer background."

Hanna: I cover the marketing and communication tasks at Pikkpack. I do the  planning of communication and decide how to engage with people through a variety of channels. I graduated as an economist but now study art and design management at the same school where Sara graduated. I've worked on many fields so far, starting from a big multnational company in France to a small art gallery in Budapest. Now, Pikkpack is my main project.

We received our initial capital through...
We are still searching for investors. Our initial capital has come from our crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.

The real pain about starting a business in Hungary is...
Our primary market is the US but it's hard to break in with a hardware product especially because our lack of US network. The other difficult part is the very time-consuming administration process.

The person that inspires us is...
Marlo Esten Bhömer. She is a very influential designer and thinker who experiments with shoe sculptures, folding techniques and visionary design. We are more interested in actual product design than in conceptual designing but her ideas have inspired Sara's work.

The one app/service that we couldn’t live without is...
Trello as our task manager, Mailchimp and as a direct marketing tool.

The one thing we would save from our burning office is...
The cut pattern of the shoes and our laptops

The worst piece of advice we ever got was...
Somebody once said that it would be foolish to launch a Kickstarter campaign from Hungary and it wouldn't be worth the effort. He was not right, the successful Kickstarter is our greatest achievement.

The one thing that will make us quit is...
If we can't stand stand up for the values and message of our product any more or if we lose our credibility. We hope it will never happen.

Our inside joke is...
There's a lot but we would keep them inside :)

You might not believe it, but we...
We managed the whole Kickstarter working from three different countries and without any financial support or professional help (i.e. marketing agency). And we got published on Fast Company!

We'll call ourselves successful when...
Pikkpack is as famous as TOMS shoes or when Oprah Winfrey starts wearing Pikkpack.

The startup we really want to see on inventures’ Startup Pick is...
- online exchange application


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