published 12 Feb 2015 by Hannah Stadlober in Romania 2 minutes 36 seconds to read

For SmartDreamers, dreams do come true

The Romanian recruitment platform secures a five-digit investment, will focus on expansion and product development.


SmartDreamers have developed a recruitment tool, which aims to simplify the connection between candidates and companies.

Shortly after being featured on the inventures startup outlook on 2015, the Romanian startup SmartDreamers led by CEO Adrian Cernat, has closed their first angel investment round, securing a five-digit euros sum from three investors, including Radu Atanasiu and Danu Temelie.

Match made in heaven

The third investor is none other than Malin-Iulian Stefanescu, entrepreneur and ardent supporter of the Romanian startup scene in which he plays an important part as angel investor and mentor. A few weeks ago, when inventures featured him in an investor pick, he said he was looking for “a good team, a promising product, and a scaleable business – in this order.” Seems like he has found exactly that in SmartDreamers.  

Here we found a dynamic and determined team, which can naturally create a brand simply by its personality and imagination. Malin-Iulian Stefanescu

“SmartDreamers is the type of startup we want to invest in. Here we found a dynamic and determined team, which can naturally create a brand simply by its personality and imagination, with a holistic approach to the HR market, a convincing business model and the real opportunity to make it a strong international brand", Stefanescu said.

Bridging companies and employees

Founded in March 2013, SmartDreamers quickly gained considerable attention with their recruitment tool aimed at connecting young professionals and companies and soon became a major player in the Romanian online recruitment market with over 700 companies currently using the platform - a number that is expected to increase with the recent investment, according to the company’s CEO, Adrian Cernat.

"This investment helps reach its goals faster and thus sort out some of the issues that generally exist in the work market and especially in the Romanian online recruitment market, and also outside our borders. Our website will be released in other European countries, in accordance with our strategy to internationalise the SmartDreamers business," Adrian said.

Dreaming big

Right after securing the investment, the team around Adrian presented the new design of the SmartDreamers website. “We are now focused on design and UI and we want the user, be it company or candidate, to have the best experience on the SmartDreamers platform,” Adrian tells inventures.

With the help of the fresh funds, SmartDreamers will now be able to focus even more on product development. “We are releasing new features for the SmartDreamers platform on a weekly basis and there is still a lot of work to be done,” he says. In addition, the team of ten is also working on their second product – a tool aimed at simplifying the often tedious management of the recruitment process – which will complement the SmartDreamers job platform.

SmartDreamers is set to be launched in Poland “in the following months,” according to Adrian. If the launch is successful, the Romanian startup wants to expand to other markets in the CEE region, before taking on the global market. “Our plan is to offer a product with global coverage,” said Adrian.

You have got to dream big, after all.