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Art can be interesting, beautiful and exciting but sometimes also hard to grasp. Beyondarts can help you identify a piece of art, gives you background information and even creates a story around it. Meet the Austrian art guiding tool in our Startup Pick.

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About us.

Our one-line pitch is...
Beyondarts develops apps for smartphones and tablets specifically designed as guiding-tools for the field of art and culture and we do not only deliver information - we tell exciting stories.

The core of our team...
Gerhard is our founder and CEO. Dieter, our head of content. Hermann and Michael, CTO and software engineer. And Patrick, our head of marketing and sales.

Our office in looks like...
Our office is not special at all. It is located in Klosterneuburg a few kilometers outside of Vienna. A few desks, computers and a coffee machine. But apart from programming much of our work happens on site: in museums, researching in libraries, taking pictures,...

About our journey so far.

Before we started we were...
Gerhard owns a small advertising agency and has been an art and culture lover for all his life. Dieter is a former journalist and (yes!) opera singer. Hermann and Michael have been computer freaks forever and Patrick has worked in the marketing departments of several companies before founding his own.

We received our initial capital through...
From 1 March, 2013 until 30 November, 2014, we were supported by Accent NÖ (Province of Lower Austria and the European Fund of Regional Development). During that period we received 30.000€. Apart from that we invested our own money and got no other funding.

Our most difficult time so far was...
Still is. Though we receive one award after the other (e.g. UN World Summit Award Nominee 2015!) and just got out first big project (app-guide Wiener Hofburg) through Burghauptmannschaft Österreich, there is still not enough to guarantuee a living for the five people of our core team.

Our current development state is...

About little steps and big dreams.

In five years we want to be the leader on the home market and a significant player on the European market.

Our next target is...
Produce more guides (six so far) and make a living by what we love: beyondarts.

If you say investment we say...
Yes, we are definitely looking for an investment. Around 200,000€ would already make life a lot easier for us for the next two years.

The one thing, we couldn't go on without is...
art and culture. that is our passion. And that makes our app-guides so special.

In five years we want to be...
The leader on the home market and a significant player on the European market.

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