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published 15 Jul 2014 by Eva Thalhammer in Austria 2 minutes 7 seconds to read

Organoid's close-to-nature approach proves as winning concept

Austrian award winning startup markets in 16 European countries

Austrian startup Organoid raumprobe Materialpreis Red Dot hardware

It seems there is a need to turn back to nature these days days which shows especially in consumption culture. Not only what we eat should be as organic and healthy as possible but also things around us should be close to nature. This is where Organoid comes in – the Austrian startup provides manufactured panels for various applications and relies on environment-friendly production, biodegradable materials and natural binders for their surface designs.

Recently, the bio-composite concept convinced the jury of German raumPROBE who awarded Organoid with a “Materialpreis”. Moreover, a red dot design award went to the Tyrol-based startup earlier this year. Reason enough for to catch up with CEO Martin Jehart and find out more about their winning concept and their plans for the near future.

Materials with many faces and stories

Martin and his team aim to bring the scent of the forest into the living room and decorate people's homes with the beauty of nature. While Martin states that „nowadays, materials such as glass and cement are widely used,” he also knows that there is “a strong demand for natural surfaces that are authentic - no digitally printed nature but real one with a story behind it.”

This almost narrative potential of natural surfaces also convinced the jury of the Stuttgard-based material agency raumPROBE who chose Organoid as winner in the “Collection”-category. “raumPROBE is well known in Germany and many architects and designers are familiar with it. These are our target groups, so we are looking forward to all the opportunities that will come along,” Martin said. Moreover, winners are admitted into the agencies’ database as well as the journal and will be present at their exhibitions and special shows for the next twelve months.

Soon after their product launch in February, Organoid already got awarded for product design at the red dot competition which Martin perceives as an event with a great public appeal. “This helps us to also approach people from outside our target area.”

Next steps: new products and launch in North America

The Austrian startup was founded in 2012 and currently consists of a team of ten. According to Martin, their sales are increasing and they plan to break even later this year. Organoid is present in 16 European countries as well as Russia and plans to launch soon in Northern America. Moreover, in October the team will present their new products which will be acoustic panels with an Organoid surface.