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published 19 Jul 2014 in Austria 2 minutes 29 seconds to read


Did you ever have the feeling that time runs more slowly while queuing in crowded places? Austrian QGo aims to reduce your wait and make it more effective by providing information about the line you are standing in. Don’t waste your time and get to know the team of five in this week’s Startup Pick.

QGo Austrian startup queue Startup Pick

Our one-line pitch is...
QGo is a server-based analysis tool which provides cutting-edge technological solutions to businesses that need an effective queuing service.

Introduce your team, and tell us one interesting thing about each member. We are...
Our team consists of great people from various fields and backgrounds. Christinne Cuyugan has a Bachelor of Science cum laude at the University of Philippines and is also currently studying her Masters in Global Sales and Marketing.
Christian Indra has a Bachelor of Science in Information Electronics and has great skills in Server- and Softwaredevelopment. He also ran a successful business by his own before.

Dr. Dominik Hurnaus has his Dr. in Informatics and got great skills in Software and App Development through his stay at Microsoft.

Michael Hurnaus has his own company called Tractive which is currently very successful in the international market. His input gives us great ways how to improve our company and how to lead it to success.

Last but not least, Jakob Schröger has his Masters in Business Informatics and a Specialisation in International Marketing at the University in Skövde (Sweden).

We received our initial capital through...
Two paying customers after one month of running the business. 5,000 euros from a Business Incubation company called tech2b and 25,000 euros from an Idea Challenge at the EIT ICT Labs in Helsinki.

The real pain about starting a business in Austria is...
The small details about starting a business are never taught at university. After finishing study you know a lot of things about financing big companies, about marketing theories, sales techniques. However, when it comes to practice, these general, theoretical things are not really helpful. Practice looks way different than theory and adjusting to all the small things which come up to you once you founded your company are hard to deal with.

The person that inspires us is...
Florian Gschwandtner from Runtastic. He is from the same area where we live and he made a very successful company. Having such a successful company nearby make you believe that you can achieve the same.

The one app/service that we couldn’t live without is...
water reservant

The one thing we would save from our burning office is...
The certificate of QGo being a registered Company.

The worst piece of advice we ever got was...
The advice that we should not continue the business cause the idea is not good enough

The one thing that will make us quit is...
when there are no queues left anymore.

Our inside joke is...
if you cannot buy it, build it!

You might not believe it, but we...
did not know each other at all a year ago. Since we met in July 2013 we are a great team and we can perfectly work together.

We'll call ourselves successful when...
we are going to a crowed area seeing people using our service to avoid waiting in line.

The startup we really want to see on inventures’ Startup Pick is...
Tractive GmbH


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