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published 30 May 2015 in Austria 2 minutes 10 seconds to read


You want to redesign your room but can't quite imagine how this couch will fit with the shelves? The Austrian startup Roomle helps you out and their virtual planning platform allows you to create your perfect environment. Meet them in our Startup Pick.

About us.


Roomle is an online service that helps you to plan and furnish your living space, upload ground plans or draw them yourself,s hare your plans with

Our one-line pitch is...
Roomle is an online planning based sales platform that accompanies and supports consumers, helping them to create their ideal living and working environments. The sometimes tedious process of planning room layouts and choosing furniture and decorations becomes intuitive playing fun in the virtual space.

The core of our team...
Albert: Founder and owner of Roomle in charge of strategic partnership, business development as well as the Roomle UX. Roomle developers: The heart of Roomle continuously developing and making Roomle a success. Michaela: in charge of communication strategy and sales. Heinz: Curator and furniture expert.

Our office in looks like...
We are located in the heart of Linz in a creative & inspiring coworking space in the "Tabakfabrik". A historic industrial and architectural masterpiece and home of many creative startups and agencies.

About our journey so far.

Before we started we were...
The Roomle team consists of passionate people from the digital and furniture industry with more than 15 years professional experience supported by international partners targeted to innovate the home and office industry.

We received our initial capital through...
a successful investment in 2014 and are now looking for further capital and resources joining our team.

Our most difficult time so far was...
looking for the right people that help us to fly even higher as people are key for us.

Our current development state is...
Small enterprise

About little steps and big dreams.

We want to occupy a key position in the furniture and decoration marketing processes, acting as THE digital market place.

Our next target is...
to launch new individual online planning services for consumers and industry. Product configuration & individualization, a fascinating field holding many future challenges for producers & retailers will complement the range of services and helps Roomle acting as a digital market place and hub (B2C, B2B)

If you say investment we say...
We say yes and are currently looking for investors and business partners to further grow our activities and team base.

The one thing, we couldn't go on without is...
Having tried our best to innovate the home and office industry!

In five years we want to be...
we want to occupy a key position in the furniture and decoration marketing processes, acting as THE digital market place and hub between consumers' tastes and the industry's product ranges and supporting consumers during the creation process of their ideal living and working environments.


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