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published 5 Aug 2014 by Manon Pierre in Slovenia 1 minute to read

Slovenia will boost its startup ecosystem

The Slovene Enterprise Fund in cooperation with Initiative Start: up Slovenia, and the Ministry of Economic Development recently announced the launch of the SK200 scheme via Go:Global Slovenia (GG) accelerator, a pilot project created this year to support local startups.


By injecting 200.000 euros seed capital in small businesses in the form of public equity investments, the project seeks to finance the rapid growth of globally-oriented innovative enterprises, and thus to prevent the exodus of Slovenian startups to incubators and accelerators abroad.

The fund will provide 200.000 euros in a sort of angel investment from the government.  Up to seven young companies that have already a product with proven value, will be supported on condition that at least 20 per cent of the investment must be made by a private investor.

Intensive coaching for startups

In addition to financial support, the initiative also includes an intensive coaching programme with knowledge exchange and advice from seasoned mentors - including Miha Mikek, Andraž Tori, Aleš Špetič, Jugoslav Petkovič, Davorin Gabrovec, Gregor Rebolj, Jaka Levsek, Andraž Logar (read more on those Slovenian top entrepreneurs here), additional private investors, international promotion and networking, administrative support from the government and access to incubators and technology parks across Slovenia such as Hekovnik, Silicon Gardens, CEED, DsgnFwd and 30Lean.

The application process will start with the introduction roadshow across the country on 2-5 September and the registration deadline is set on 15 September. Register here to apply and to learn more about the programme.