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published 6 Jun 2014 in Slovakia 2 minutes 15 seconds to read


Currently looking at expanding their business to other countries and platforms, Slovak Speekle turns tedious speech exercises into games, and enables parents and speech therapists to track the child’s progress. Read about their inspiration and aspirations, as well as about the worst advice they’ve ever received.

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Our one-line pitch is...
Speekle is the solution which will help your children with their speech problems, and have fun all the way.

Introduce your team, and tell us one interesting thing about each member. We are...
We are a team of five people from IT background. Veronika is the main communicator of the team, who likes to deal with PR and marketing, and with people in general. Peter is the main graphical designer on the team, as well as responsible for the creation of our games. Miro is arguably the fastest programmer, capable of whipping out software prototypes in a whim. Ondrej is our tech guy, who makes sure everything works as it should. And we cannot forget Michal, who was our mentor from the beginning, and is now practically a member of the team.

We received our initial capital through...
Start-up competition Skvelí mladí podnikatelia (Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs) in Slovakia, which assured continuing our project and starting a company, when we were still at the complete start of our journey.

The real pain about starting a business in Slovakia is...
The low support for young entrepreneurs in Slovakia in general, and then also the fact, that we need to immediately look at expanding into other countries, because of low purchasing power of Slovak people. This can be especially a challenge for a solution like ours, which has to be modified for each language, that we want to support.

The person that inspires us is...
Actually every kid we work with when developing and testing our solution. This kind of customers make you do your best to help them – to improve their speech and thus quality of life.

The one app/service that we couldn’t live without is...
Our issue tracking system, we would get lost in our work so fast.

The one thing we would save from our burning office is...
Well, aside from our team...? Our SCRUM board?

The worst piece of advice we ever got was...
Not to take part in a startup competition.

The one thing that will make us quit is...
Divine intervention or blackmail :) On a serious note, probably if the team stopped having a good team chemistry.

Our inside joke is...
OMG, this feature requires a database migration!

You might not believe it, but we...
Are still university students!

We'll call ourselves successful when...
We can look at this point in our lives when we are old, and say: "Totally worth it". Also if Speekle becomes a commonly used part of speech therapy.

The startup we really want to see on inventures’ Startup Pick is...
CulCharge, the most compact charge and data cable.

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