published 10 Dec 2012 by M M in Austria 2 minutes 10 seconds to read

Startup Friendly Xmas Presents: Catchbook

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Not wanting to highlight the commercial side of Christmas or anything but let’s face it – most of us have to play along with it and many have no idea on what to get those near and dear to us. Want to get the right present for those special people in your life AND support a local startup? We might just be able to help you...

“What should I get my girlfriend/dad/co-founder/business angel etc.” – does this question sound familiar to you? We might just have the solution to your sleepless nights. Have you considered a… Catchbook?

What is it?

Catchbooks are prettily executed sketch- or notebooks that inspire you to collect ideas, sketches, photos, doodles, magazine cuttings that are otherwise not getting the attention they might deserve.

According to co-founder Tobias Neugebauer-Monte, Catchbook, defies the complex digital world and entices you to get creative with analogue tools.

So, is Catchbook starting an analogue countermovement against the Pinterests and Tumblrs out there?

“Yes, you could say so,” co-founder Tobias Neugebauer-Monte laughs. “It is a bit of a counterpiece to the complex and oversaturated digital world. Humans are analogue animals, after all. And we’re also hunters and gatherers. Catchbook helps follow this instinct creatively and to inspire others.”

Catchbook’s 80 nicely designed pages leave space for your thoughts, drawings and other memorabilia. It also has an inside pocket to keep your cuttings and snippets as well as a pen. Moreover, catchbooks are made in the EU from FSC certified paper.

Who makes it? is run by hubby-and-wife creative duo Tobias Neugebauer-Monte and Sandra Monte, who are based in Vienna and Graz. Coming from a family of publishers, Tobias Neugebauer-Monte revitalised Catchbook, which had been created by the Neugebauer publishing house since the 1960s and had already been a success among creative minds back in the day.

Who should I get one?

According to Tobias Neugebauer-Monte, a Catchbook is an ideal gift for anyone who should embrace their creativity, in particular those who may not be aware of their talents, yet. “Take your mother’s phone doodles, for instance. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could keep them in a pretty book to share and look at and in that way celebrate her everyday life creativity?”

For compulsorily doodling mothers, Neugebauer-Monte suggests the romantically designed Catchbook “Emotions”.

Where can I get it?

Buy the Catchbook via their website or through Amazon for the price of 14,99 euros.