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published 12 May 2015 in Austria 2 minutes 7 seconds to read

Startup Pick: Convergent IT

Convergent Information Technologies GmbH aims to make revolutionize the robotic industry by making it automatic and intuitive. Find out more about the team and their inspiration in our Startup Pick.

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About us.

Convergent IT

AutomAPPPS is a software tool for automated planning and programming of robots.

Our one-line pitch is...
The future of robot programming is automatic. We develop planning software that programs robots faster and cheaper – and that even enables robots to program each-other in seconds.

The core of our team...
Christof, CEO, PhD in Robotics, laid the financial cornerstone of CIT as part-time day-trader/investor in "new market" in the 90's. Gerald, CTO, Engineer in Automation. Plays the conservative part in the team. Volker, sales/product management.

Our office in looks like...
Our office is in an old building in the “Garagenstrasse” - on top of a dozen garages. A former loft but nothing modern and fancy, only two minutes from three highways to Vienna, Salzburg, Germany and the Czech Republic. Besides, it is friendly, light and quiet.

The person that inspires us most...
Steven Paul Jobs - because his vision was to make complex technology easy and intuitive to use. We share this vision for robots.

About our journey so far.

Before we started we were...
Before, we collected working experience in robotics and cognition at research centres, universities and companies in six different countries. Most of us quit their job to finally be able to do things in a different way.

We received our initial capital through...
tech2b and aws. Also fools (the founders), friends and family invested a lot of their money.

Our most difficult time so far was...
Around 2009. We just started and the market basically was scarred stiff. In this time when we were vulnerable, a former research partner’s mistake caused significant temporary losses of revenues. Starting as “naïve” engineers we started to learn who you can rely on.

Our current development state is...

About little steps and big dreams.

If you say investment we say...
For the expansion phase we are looking in total for one million euros (Investment, mezzanine, double equity). We envisage to obtain 25,000 euros per 1% shares / increase of stock capital.

The one thing, we couldn't go on without is...
Software Kanban. Introduced 2013 and based on simple open-source software (redmine) we configured accordingly this “old” procedure/paradigm improved the software quality incredibly

In five years we want to be...
World’s Nr. 1 SW supplier for robotic bin-picking . World’s Nr. 1 SW tool-provider for robot programming – for surface processes (grinding, cleaning, painting, polishing) World’s Nr. 1 in reactive robots … and all with one software.

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