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published 20 Jul 2015 in Austria 2 minutes 3 seconds to read

Startup Pick: Neuschnee

The Austrian startup Neuschnee is spin-off from the technical university of Vienna and developed an innovative technology to produce artificial snow. Meet the team that let it snow in our Startup Pick.

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About us.

Before we started we were working at the university, exploring mountains and trying to learn more about snow.

Our one-line pitch is...
We make snow. The real thing: powder snow!

The core of our team...
Michael Bacher (business development and technical stuff) Johannes Müller (development of our snow generator) Christian Schandor (supporting business development and technical details of our Snowmaker) (supporters: Christian Mahr & Mario Unterwainig)

Our office in looks like...
Our headquarter is a small office to gather and develop new ideas. We also enjoy home-office very much. And then we do not care whether this is somewhere in Vienna or on the country side, close to the lake of Neusiedl. Well, and then there is still the university: source and place for inspiration!

The person that inspires us most...
We love people who believe in theirselves, their dreams and care about others. No matter whether this is a sports person or hard working entrepreneur. Andrew McAuley is just one out of hundred of our most-inspiring-people.

About our journey so far.

Before we started we were...
working at the university, exploring mountains and trying to learn more about snow. Michael quit his job at the university to found Neuschnee GmbH. Christian worked for several big companies in the field of mechanical engineering.

We received our initial capital through...
First we put our own money :) several others followed: accent, FFG, Sponsors

Our most difficult time so far was...
To get initial funding for the first field tests in winter 2014/15: Nobody knows you. But you receive lots of congratulations for such a great idea! Money to support the initiative? nope! The first grant we received was such a relief!!

Our current development state is...

About little steps and big dreams.

Our next target is...
Developing a real prototype for real snow. ... and to make tons of powder snow! We start in November 2015!

If you say investment we say...
We do lots of R&D. Market entry is scheduled for 2017. Money is essential. Do you have about 300k € and feel the same passion for snow as we do? Then we should talk!

The one thing, we couldn't go on without is...
We love what we do. So we work hard to keep this spirit alive.

In five years we want to be...
somewhere in the mountains, in a ski-resorts, and enjoy the "real-thing" powder snow.

In partnerhip with tecnet equity and accent


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