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Startup's outlook on 2015

16 Jan 2015

We asked our past year Startup Picks what they expect for 2015 and here is what they said.

Paint A Friend

3 Jan 2015

Paint a friend made it their goal to bring children's fantasies to life by turning drawings into stuffed animals. Meet the team and learn ab…

Younited Cultures

20 Dec 2014

Andra Slaats and Iulia Mugescu built a fashion business for a good purpose. Their scarves aim to raise awareness towards the value-add of immigrants …



13 Dec 2014

The duo of Cityzenic aims to make an end to ever same travel experiences. Their platform enables users to connect to locals who are willing to…



6 Dec 2014

Croatian DriveAngel aims to keep you save on the road. Meet the Croatian team and learn about little steps and big dreams in our Startup Pi…



22 Nov 2014

Meet the covert agents of Hungarian BitNinja, who got inspired by everyday hackers to develop their server security system



15 Nov 2014

Next to running the mobile payment service Settle, the Ukrainian team also has a second gig, the loyality startup Advice Wallet. Meet the am…



8 Nov 2014

The Croatian team of Agrivi made it their goal to change the way food is produced nowadays. Their farm management software aims to assist fa…


Adventure Trotters

25 Oct 2014

If you have a passion for the great outdoors and are taking every chance for a hike in the mountains, Croatian Adventure Trotters helps yo…


11 Oct 2014

Have you heard? If not, maybe the product of Salzburg-based Earshower is for you. The medical startup created an easy to use solution for …



1 Oct 2014

You really want to get some workout done but are lacking motivation? Maybe Hungarian Tep can do the trick. Find out more.

Photo Credit: Cloud Your Car

Cloud Your Car

17 Sep 2014

Nowadays, we use clouds for many things: listening to music, saving documents, sharing photos and so on. But did you know you can also us…


10 Sep 2014

The Vienna-based startup provides a place for neighbours to share knowledge and resources with the goal to become "the reason for the rise of…