Investor Picks

Viktor Mikulasek

19 Jun 2015

Launcher is a Slovak innovation studio and aims to take startups on the journey from project idea to business. CEO Viktor Mikulasek talks ab…


Luka Sučić

12 Jun 2015

Luka is a startup supporter from the very beginning. He mentors and lectures aspiring teams and is in constant search for new projects th…

Adrian Gheara

5 Jun 2015

Adrian Gheara is founder of Neobyte Solutions and an active angel investor. He is an IoT and robotics enthusiast and is looking for open-minded te…

Calum Cameron

29 May 2015

The Estonian accelerator Startup Wiseguys focuses on early stage IT, software, banking and security projects and has worked with 26 countries ac…


Ralph Riecke

22 May 2015

Hub:raum is part of Deutsche Telekom and has offices in Berlin, Krakow and Tel Aviv. You want to know if you could be their next shooting st…


Paul Smith

15 May 2015

Paul Smith is cofounder and Managing Director of ignite. The UK-based accelerator and educational programme supports early-stage tech startups an…


Monica Dodi

8 May 2015

US-based Monica Dodi focuses on female entrepreneurs with scalable business ambitions and aims to make women in business visible. Meet he…


Bill Reichert

27 Mar 2015

Bill Reichert cofounded Garage Technology Ventures in 1998 and has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and operating executive in Si…

Rockaway Capital

20 Mar 2015

Rockaway Captial's mission a personal one, because they know what it means to be a founder. CEO Jakub Havrlant launched several startups hi…


Andy Ellwood

6 Mar 2015

Andy Ellwood is an US startup supporter, consultant, partner at End Game Enterprise and cofounder of the entrepreneurial education community Ex…

Up To Eleven

13 Feb 2015

After their internet gig the Pansy brothers wanted to start something new and did so with founding Up To Eleven. Meet the Graz-based co…

Aleksander Tõnnisson

6 Feb 2015

Estonian accelerator Buildit aims to boost hardware success in the region and beyond. CEO and founder Aleksander Tõnnisson told us about th…


Pieter Welten

30 Jan 2015

Pieter Welten is working at Amsterdam-based venture capital and growth fund Prime Ventures and has a passion for the European tech scene. Ge…

Malin-Iulian Stefanescu

22 Jan 2015

Malin-Iulian Stefanescu is an entrepreneur and supports the vibrant Romanian startup community as Angel Investor and mentor. Learn more about his…


Antal Karolyi

19 Dec 2014

Antal Karolyi comes from an investment banking background and is an active startup supporter at Hungarian Traction Tribe. Read more about his…