published 23 Feb 2015 by Claudia Kaefer 50 seconds to read

The success of CEE on kickstarter: an overview

Last year, ventures from Austria and CEE have done impressively well on kickstarter as the data of our Matrix proofs. See for yourself and check out where your country can be found in our exclusive CEE ranking.


When talking about crowdfunding it is impossible to neglect kickstarter. Since their establishment in 2009, kickstarter has supported more than 77,000 projects totaling over 2 billion dollars. We were curious how successful ventures from CEE would perform on the NY-based platform and kickstarter was generious enough to provide us with the data.

Czech Republic overall winner in 2014

So let's look at it: we took the total number of campaigns and looked for the number of successfully completed projects.

  • By that logic, Czech Republic had the best success rate, followed shortly by Bosnia and Herzegovina and then Slovenia. 
  • When it comes to the total amount raised in all campaigns, in absolute terms Czech Republic pledged the most money, followed by Slovenia and Austria.
  • Czech Republic also makes first place when it comes to the highest funding generated in one CEE project: 1.7 million dollars followed by Austria with 558,863 dollars and Slovenia with 458,071 dollars.
  • The highest funding percentage was performed by a Slovenian project with 1832%.

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