published 23 Sep 2014 in Austria 1 minute 31 seconds to read

Web Summit Pick: Adspired Technologies

Meet the team of Adspired who aims to support not only businesses but also individuals in understanding, interpreting and acting on data.

Our one-line pitch is...
Adspired aims to structure offline & online marketing and commerce data, analyse it and deliver valuable insights that help businesses radically increase their ROI.

What are your expectations for the Web Summit?
We want to present our platform to potential customers whilst exploring the market trends and competitor's solutions.

What are your goals for the the Web Summit?
Meeting potential clients and competitors. 

What market do you wish to disrupt?
With our platform adverity we intend to revolutionise marketing analytics and intelligence by reshaping the way companies gather, interact with and understand marketing data.

Why is the Advantage Austria Dublin mission to the Web Summit important?
Additionally to the Summit's native offering, Advantage Austria Dublin is enabling us to access a different set of valuable resources like a personalised booth in the Alpha Village of the Summit or several networking events.

Who is going from your startup and why?
Andreas Glänzer, cofounder and managing partner, who is one of the persons sharing not only the broad vision of the company but also detailed insights into our products.

Which speaker do you most want to hear at the Summit and why?
JP Rangaswami from Salesforce. As chief scientist and one of Wired's most influential digital power brokers, he can share valuable knowledge into the challenges of growing a B2B data business.

If you could choose an Austrian startup to win the Web Summit PITCH competition, which one would it be?




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