published 23 Oct 2014 in Austria 1 minute 48 seconds to read

Web Summit Pick: Parkbob

No matter where you are driving, when you arrive you always spent too much time finding a parking space. Sounds familiar? Then check out the solution of Parkbob, who will be part of Web Summit in Dublin.

Our one-line pitch is...
Parkbob is a crowd-sensing service helping people to easily find a free parking spot in cities.

What are your expectations for the Web Summit?
We are so looking forward to the Web Summit. As a spin-off of evolaris, a leading R&D company in mobile innovation, it is the first time we are going public with our company. We are curious about the feedback from investors and peers. Of course we are also looking for funding, but even more important is to gain international visibility, talk to nice people and have fun.

What are your goals for the Web Summit?
We would love to arrange for some substantial follow-up meetings with investors and get a bit of international media coverage.

What market do you wish to disrupt?
We will change the way people park in cities. Navigation services will be completely different in five years, because you would like to be navigated to a parking spot and not an address.

Why is the Advantage Austria Dublin mission to the Web Summit important?
It's great to exchange ideas with peers, get a feeling for the international trends and hot topics. We are especially looking forward to the pitch training.

Who is going from your startup and why?
The whole team will be there: Christian Adelsberger, CEO and Co-Founder, Johannes Völlenklee, CMO and Co-Founder, Robert Brander, CTO and Co-Founder. And I guess some future employees will be there as well.

Which speaker do you most want to hear at the Summit and why?
Noam Pardin, Founder of waze. Because they change the way people navigate as we will do with parking.

If you could choose an Austrian startup to win the Web Summit PITCH competition, which one would it be?
Visalyze, because of their unique data approach.




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