Photo credit: Pioneers Festival

published 26 May 2015 by Petya Sabinova in Austria 1 minute 45 seconds to read

What's up at Pioneers 2015?

Want to know when the Hyperloop simulation will take place? Looking out for the hot NASA dude from the Curiosity team? Eager to hear what your bitcoins are worth? We have it all: here’s a complete lineup of the Pioneers Festival 2015.

The Pioneers Festival is as much about future tech as it is about networking. But if you want to get your time and money’s worth at such a huge event, you’d better have a game plan. Step one of this plan is to know well what is going on where and we’re here to help with that.  

Investors Day, 27 May

Accessible to Investor and VIP pass holders only, this is where the big matchmaking magic will be happening for the lucky 50 startups, chosen out of 1,600 applications. They will have the chance to meet 400 top investors from Mayfield, Day One Capital, 3M New Ventures, 500Startups and Accel Partners, to name a few.

Festival Day 1, 28 May

This day promises to be a treat for everyone nurturing their inner geek – starting off with the Hyperloop high-speed train and a talk on the new it material – graphene, the focus will fall on two future trends – health tech, robotics and AI. And though it may be hard to believe, there is nothing artificial in the intelligence of Easton LaChappelle, the festival’s youngest speaker to date who built his first robotic arm at the age of 14 out of LEGOs. At the same time, the Academy stage lineup will roast startups live on stage and teach how to tell stories and plan a market entry. Talk about touch choices.

Festival Day 2, 29 May

If Day 1 did not manage to make you wish you could be at two places at once, Day 2 will certainly do it, with Jedi tricks at the Academy stage coinciding with bitcoin talks at the Arena. Virtual Reality, Biotech and Agriculture will warm up the audience for the final frontier and the ladies’ treat of the day - Bobak Ferdowsi of NASA Mohawk fame discussing pioneers in space. Topping it off will be the grand finale announcing the Pioneers Startup Challenge winner – one promising company that will be showered with much investor attention and bag a 100,000 euros seed investment by the organizers and Speedinvest. is a media partner of Pioneers 2015.