published 16 Feb 2015 1 minute 55 seconds to read

Why Crowdfunding rocks the scene

Welcome to Spotlight Crowdfunding! Our editorial team explains the Why and How of our topical focus and what to expect between 16-28 February. Come on in for more details...


You might have heard this sentence about many things... but here we go again: it all started with Rock'n'Roll. And we are serious, it really did!

The roots of crowdfunding, at least as we know it today, go back to America when independent musicians turned to the internet to raise money for producing their records. (Look out for the article of our guest author Daniel Horak from the Austrian crowdinvesting platform Conda who will tell you much more about it.)

However, what followed in the next decade was a wave of not only stories of success and an impressive growth in the landscape of crowdfuning but also a general movement in the startup scene. So, during our Spotlight Crowdfunding we picked out the most recent success stories, had a look on current CEE platforms and talked to founders and entrepreneurs who just raised money from the crowd.

We will tell you about early roots, transformation of financing and consumer culture, and how time intensive, successful and Rock’n’Roll it can be to launch a crowdfunding campaign

In the spotlight of inventures: the When, the Wow and how you Win

We decided to look behind the scenes of raising money from the crowd and aim to give you a closer insight: into the strategies, mechanisms and models but also to look into the future of crowdfunding.
From 16 – 28 February you will not only get to know crowdfunding platforms in CEE but also get insights from European Commission on the future of CF, learn how to get your own project started, get an overview of CEE Kickstarter Projects of 2014, meet founders who made it on Indiegogo or get a look on upcoming crowdfunding events in your region.

And the best of it...

With the support of important partners coming out the crowdfunding scene, e.g. CONDA, Cedior, wemakeit or Fuse Drops, we even managed to put together a prize draw with crowdfunding prizes worth over 5000 euros in total. With a little luck you can win your very own crowdfunding package by signing up here during the next two weeks.

So we raise the curtain for our Spotlight Crowdfunding – we hope you enjoy :)

Christina & Eva

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