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Win crowdfunding prizes worth over 5000 euros

You want to get your project funded? We give away free-crowdfunding campaigns, consulting sessions and much more in cooperation with crowdfunding experts across Europe. Good luck!


Let us help you to fund yourself - and check out our prizes worth over 5000 euros in total! Next to our three main prizes we've got a selection of six more crowdfunding prizes that will help you hit your target and get your project out there. Moreover, with each prize you will get a free inventures mug and the Ventures Almamach 2015.

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Win 1 of 3 exclusive crowdfunding packages - worth over 1000 euros each!

  • Get free business consutling for preparation of your crowdfunding campaign, start your campaign - also for free - and get a free banner and interview with the Croatian business magazine Entrepreneur. This package is provided by CEDIOR Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development & Project Vison Ltd. & Magazine Entrepreneur, is worth 1,500 euros and will make sure you score high. 
  • You want to know when its best to raise money from the crowds? Do you have the right community and support to take your next steps? In this package you can win a "Crowdfunding Readiness Check" with CONDA and access to a global community of innovative entrepreneurs with Impact Hub Vienna's three-months Connect membership 3 free tickets to Accelerate workshops in the period between March-May 2015. This 1,000 euros package will support you in getting consultancy, advice and active match-making in a global network. 
  •  If you need consulting, why not get it for free? Fusedrops offers 15 hours of strategic & communication consulting worth over 1000 euros to help create your campaign and adds in a commission-free crowdfunding campaing to this package.

...or get 1 of 6 indiviual prizes that will help to make your project stand out

  • "Free business consulting for preparation project for EU funds" by CEDIOR Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development & Project Vison Ltd. & Magazine Entrepreneur, worth 500 euros (Please note: this prize is for Croatian applicants only)
  •  "3 hours of crowdfunding consulting sessions" provided by Startnextworth 500 euros where you will get guidance and valuable feedback to your crowdfunding campaign on e.g. funding goal, pitch video, rewards, presentation, storytelling.
  • "Discounted commission on a campaign" by Fusedrops, value based on the project funding goal: A special commission of 2,5% (instead of regular 5%) will be applied to your project campaign.
  • wemakeit offers a 3 hour workshop, worth 300 euros, on reward-based crowdfunding, tailored to your project and to your needs: Be it to perfect your storytelling, find the perfect rewards or plan your communication.
  • "A day-long use of the conference room" by sektor5. For an extended brainstorm session with your team, a meeting with investors or to conduct job interviews: sektor5 provides you with 9 hours admission free use of their conference room with seats for up to 20 people, flip chart, projector and whiteboards included; worth 220 euros.
  •  "Free opening of web shop on B2B and B2C platform" by CEDIOR Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development & Project Vison Ltd. & Magazine Entrepreneurworth 100 euros.

Meet the experts (in alphapetic order) ...

About Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development & Project Vison Ltd. & Magazine EntrepreneurCEDIOR, the Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development with head office in Zagreb, Croatia, is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organisation which aims to implement new models for solving social problems. PROJECT VISION LTD., is a consulting company based in Karlovac, Croatia, specialised in support for entrepreneurs and craftsmen in the preparation, implementation and education on projects financed from the EU structural and national funds. MAGAZINE ENTPRENEUR is a monthly magazine in 2006 for small and medium entrepreneurs, cooperatives, crafts, local government, state institutions dealing with businesses, schools and universities.

About CONDA: Since December 2014 CONDA is the first crowdinvesting platform  for Austria, Germany and Switzerland and aims to connect investors with entrepreneurs by offering startups and SMEs an alternative to tradtitional roots of financing. By supporting projects with their consulting expertise, the broad business know-how of its mentors and the wide network of partners CONDA guarantees the success of local innovations. Investors participate – starting with an amount of 100 euros – with their shares of the company’s substance, profit and losses and take part in supporting the Austrian economy.

About Fusedrops: Fusedrops is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to service design and social innovation projects.It is a tool for citizens, designers and public administrations, who aim to design better services or improve existing ones. Users can create and support projects through a reward-based crowdfunding platform that focuses on social interaction. The platform uses an all-or-nothing system: your project is successfully funded only if the campaign will reach the goal.

About Impact Hub Vienna: the team of Impact Hub Vienna believes a better world is created through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose. An innovation lab, a business Incubator, a social enterprise community center: the Hub offers an ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow your impact. The community will connect and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way.

About sektor5: sektor5 is more than just a coworking space - it's a community of entrepreneurs. With a focus on IT and Hardware, sektor5 offer a broad scala of events, User Group meetups and workshops to help both startups and freelance professionals on their way. The knowledge gained and exchanged in a living-room-like atmosphere is the real value of the Vienna based coworking space.

About Startnext: Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community for creative ideas and startups in German-speaking countries. The platform helps you discover new and innovative projects out there and supports you if you want to start you own crowdfunding campaign.  Artists, creative people, inventors and founders get the chance to present their project ideas and fund them with the direct support of many different people.

About wemakeitwemakeit is a reward-based crowdfunding platform in Switzerland, active also in Germany and Austria, where a new office will open on 3 March 2015. wemakeit supports services for project initiators and overall usability, contributing to the platform's high success rate of 70%. wemakeit accepts projects and ideas for startups in various fields including culture, any branch of the creative industries, technology, journalism, food, agriculture or community work and loves any and all creative idea.